Chances are the next policy you sell will be to an existing customer - improving your retention and growing your referral base.  


These customers already know you, like you and trust you. Your challenge is to keep strengthening your relationship to earn their renewals as you grow.

Sure – you’ve seen effective email communications. But you may be wondering how you can make digital marketing work for your agency. That is why ATraC Services is introducing OnTraC.

OnTraCTM is the agents’ answer for effective, affordable email communications...

...for newsletters, anniversary & birthday greetings and targeted account rounding campaigns. These have proven to be an agent’s best tool for maintaining client loyalty and multiplying your account rounding efforts.

Regularly stay in touch with clients using OnTraC to maintain your relationship and generate cross-sales revenues. OnTraCTM helps you to:

  • Create and manage email campaigns including account rounding messages.
  • Target selected segments of your customer base, such as monoline, Umbrella, Life and Flood prospects.  
  • Drive customers to connect on social media to power your referral programs.

OnTraCTM provides a library of effective campaigns

You can customize these campaigns – plus detailed reports to guide your follow up efforts - all included with your low monthly fee.

  • Your OnTraCTM coach is available to train your team to get a jump start on your first campaigns.  
  • Need help creating an email list from your AMS360 database?  ATraC’s certified  trainers are here to help  
  • Short-handed?  OnTraCTM will be your outsourced marketing department.